A: Each order of handcrafted cookies is uniquely made with the recipient in mind. Ensuring each order is truly custom requires time, planning, and hard earned skills of the craft.

Here’s a peek at what goes into each and every order:

Client Consultation: This includes discussing the client’s special occasion, specific vision and aesthetic, and details specific to the cookie recipient. This can be a brief or lengthy exchange of collaborating ideas.

Cookie design: Next is the design process which can easily take 2+ hours. I create a color scheme, gather inspiration, sketch your designs, create templates for hand-cut designs or custom print cutters, choose fonts, and ensure all the designs are cohesive.

Mixing up the materials: All orders are made from scratch with quality ingredients to create delicious cookies. The baking process includes mixing, rolling, cutting out dough, and baking the cookies. The icing process alone can easily take a couple hours to complete depending on the amount of and saturation of colors and the number of consistences required to get the desired design effects.

Decorating: This part of custom cookies can easily take 5-10 hours depending on the level of design. This is where the magic happens. I value this part of the process and take extra time to create clean detail and line work, from start to finish.

Drying and packaging: Finally, the cookies must dry a minimum of 8 hours depending on the air humidity before they can be packaged. I dust cookies with corn starch to help prevent any possible sticking before heat sealing each individual cookie in food grade cellophane bags to ensure freshness. I then cushion each cookie in a bed of crinkle paper inside a bakery box, topped with business cards and stickers. Each of these steps requires time and costly materials to ensure your cookies can be transported safely.