Meet Sara

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I left my career as a pediatric occupational therapist to stay home full time when my oldest child was born in 2017. The following year I started watching a friend’s daughter. Now I have two of my own and watch my friend’s two children. During those early days before I started decorating cookies, my world was consumed with all things kids. In that, I had somehow lost myself a bit in
motherhood. I've always enjoyed creating, and I dabbled in various hobbies trying to find something for ME and nothing had ever really stuck. When I started decorating cookies, a passion was lit inside me. It sounds so cheesy to say it like that, but it's the honest truth.  It's the perfect combination of the things that drive me: using my creativity, showing my love through
food and making people happy, the challenge of creating unique pieces of edible art that speaks to others, and of course, sweets. Who doesn't love sweets!?


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When I first started decorating, I never dreamed I would run a cookie business. I had never decorated a cookie with anything other than buttercream and a knife! Now, I can't imagine not
running a cookie business. I look forward to watching my business grow and expand and am so excited to share that with everyone who follows along and enjoys my cookies!

 -Sara, Owner, Fountain City Sweets